Sunday, December 27, 2009

Silent Night

The holiday season is full of hustle and bustle. Rushing around Christmas Eve services (yes, services plural), Christmas with my mom's family, Christmas with my dad's family, after Christmas shopping and tons of cooking and baking. I had a great few days of celebrations, but right now is the time that I like: the afterglow of a slight holiday hangover. I don't exactly like the hangover feeling. Too much food is too much food and there is no pretty way to spin that one. But it's the quiet I like. The quiet of the world. Everyone comes home for the holidays. I sat in the living room by the tree Christmas Eve night, because let's face it, I'm a child, and I just sat there. Mesmerized by the lights (see? I'm a child.) and the excitement. But mostly I was aware of the silence. There is something really special to me about that kind of silence. Right now, I'm at Sonya's apartment spending time with my sisters. Sonya is sitting on her new bean bag chair, which is actually her first bean bag chair ever. We are all pretty excited about this one. Meagan is talking on the phone and being super cute whilst doing so. She is also playing with my hair, which is really sweet of her. Sonya has a bunch of candles lit so the place smells like Christmas. The radiators are boiling and bubbling and making those weird noises that they do. But I like it. It's cozy. To me, this is better than Christmas parties, holiday hoedowns and big family get together things. I'm spending time with my girls and it doesn't get too much better than that.
Though, if you threw in a gigantic cup of coffee, a book and a super comfy chair there might be a tie.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jingle Bells

Christmas is one of my favourite holidays. I love the smells of cookies baking, hot chocolate, coffee, Yankee candles, and snow. And yes, snow DOES have a smell! I love that everyone is playing Christmas music--even the secular radio stations! Sure, you'll hear the traditional "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," but you will also hear "O Come, All Ye Faithful" and "Silent Night." And to me, that is one of the best things about Christmas. It is once a year that the entire world proclaims that in a little town in Bethlehem the Savior of the world was born.
The other day (now, it's been about two weeks now) I wore my jingle bell bracelet. It is my one piece of holiday jewelry and I love it! The kids in high school hated me for wearing it. Every move I make, this thing jingles. It's not too loud and obnoxious, but everyone knows when I'm in the room! I noticed it most when I was driving. I had a bit of a crazy day and was running all over the place. But in my car, when I was listening to the world proclaim the birth of the Savior it won't recognize any other time of the year, my jingle bells sounded like hope, tinkling with every turn I made. What if, instead of an angel getting it's wings, a person came to know to true meaning of Christmas every time a bell rang? What a thought!
May you 'jingle all the way' to the manger this Christmas season!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Confession is good for something, right?

Confession time: I have been failing at Operation Every day is a good day. Miserably. It's true.
I'm not sure where I went wrong. I think I decided that MY feelings were the most important thing in the day and acted on that knowledge. I felt like I was ignoring the things that brought tears to my day by claiming that "Every day is good day" when I could point to a specific time that ruined that particular day. Even as I'm writing this, I'm kicking myself. But I don't always listen to myself. My co-worker told me today, after I was complaining about a legitimate bad part of my morning, "Why does she really matter? People always say stupid things. If her opinion really matters, then okay. But if it doesn't, don't worry about it." How true. I've been putting too much value on what other people think of me, instead of what God thinks of me and the truth He tells me about his creation.
So I'm going to do a major attitude adjustment. And just in time, I'd say. My weekly reoccurring appointment that I'm not so fond of is in 15 minutes.
Breathe in, breathe out.
God is in control.
God knows what is going to happen before it happens.
God is Sovereign.

P.S. So...much later today I figured out that satan doesn't like people who depend on God. He doesn't like people who decide to have a good attitude about bad situations. Just so ya'll are warned, it ain't no picnic! But I must say, life looks way better through God's perspective so it is so worth it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

oh, what a beautiful morning!

Okay, now I know those of you who seriously know me are thinking, "Wait a second. I don't always understand Laura but one thing I do know is this: She NEVER calls mornings beautiful! What is wrong with her?!"
(That's exactly what you were thinking, now isn't it?)
Well... I haven't made it through the whole morning (See, now there's the cynical Laura you all know!) but so far, it has me smiling. As I was making my coffee today, I noticed my hibiscus plant had flowered right in front of the window. It's been doing that this year and I have no idea why. It felt like a smile from heaven today, though. I have some paper work I need to take care of at school that I'm really not looking forward to. I am speaking at a church thing tonight, and while I'm really excited, I'm also a bit nervous about the public speaking bit...
BUT through it all, I have the coffee and I know that God made that flower bloom to remind me that He is with me. And that, I think, is what makes this morning so good.

Monday, August 31, 2009

say, "hey, it's a good day!"

A blog post? On a Monday morning? Yup. That's right folks. Thanks for noticing.

I thought I'd catch you all up on life and Operation "Every day is a good day". I can tell you are all excited about this one :)

The end of last week actually went quite well. There is something to be said about only two classes a day. It makes me feel like I'm not really busy...which ultimately is a bad thing for me. Cue Sunday night. I was at church until 9pm, then I came home to do homework...I think I was up until 11pm. Now, 50% of that was actual work. The rest, well...

Whilst at church though, I was able to talk to my friend who helped start Operation "Every day is a good day", and boy, did I lay into him. "Um, was it supposed to be this hard?" I asked him accusingly. I think he actually laughed a bit before he answered. "Yes. At least in the beginning it will be hard. But keep telling yourself, 'Every day is a good day' and eventually you will believe it. Some days you might not feel like it (At this point, he says the catch phrase with a grimace and made it sound like a few choice words were left out...). Say it anyway."
Through this whole exchange, I couldn't help but think of the phrase from 'Elizabethtown': If it wasn't this, it'd be something else. I always thought that was a stupid phrase, but really, I think it fits. If I could have found a parking space this morning, maybe my car would have been dinged in the parking lot (like I would actually notice). If it wasn't that, it could have been something much worse, and there are TONS of things worse than walking five minutes to a parking space, right? Of course right.
Today the Learning Center was (still is!) crazy busy. I had my first appointments of the semester and both went very well. I owe this, not to my insane English grammar & paper writing skills, but to my adjustment in attitude. I came in this morning and did my whole, "Oh poo. I have appointments? Ewww, gross." Then everyone was saying, "Um, Laura? That is your job. This is what we get PAID to do." That's when I realised I was being negative and that I needed a new outlook on life. I tried to pass my negativity off as joking (not sure if they bought it or not), and changed the way I was speaking. As I did this, it changed my attitude as well. Score one for Operation "Every day is a good day".
The rest of my day looks good. Well, except the part where I don't know what time my class starts. I left work in a tizzy after my last appointment, ran upstairs and planned on being a few minutes late for class. I walk in and, except for my professor, there was only one person in class.
" Tom", I say to my professor, "Class starts at two, right?"
"Naw" he says, "Starts at 3.30."
"Aww, crappers", says I.

But hey! I was early for class and THAT is a good thing!


However long our feet have walked on this world
We’ve all lived long enough to know
That sometimes life will go our way
And other times it won’t
But still I’ve got this joy inside of me
With each new dawn I do believe to
Say hey, it’s a good day
Even if things aren’t going my way
Jesus is Lord and I am saved
So, say hey, it’s a good day
Circumstance and situations change
You know life can turn on a dime
But there’s a constant hope and peace
That I have come to find
And it’s all because of who God is
And that He is alive and I am His, so
Say hey, it’s a good day
Even if things aren’t going my way
Jesus is Lord and I am saved
So, say hey, it’s a good day
We are all as happy as we make our minds up to be
I have just decided that nothing’s gonna take this joy from me
~FFH "Say hey, it's a good day"~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Fickle Friend, the Summer Wind

Another semester has started. I already miss my summer!
Now before you start yelling at me, hold on just a second! I was working at the school all summer long! I only had one tiny vacation and...well, now I'm even annoying myself! Never mind.
I was lucky enough to take a ride to see my friends, who live near Hershey World, and spend the weekend away from home and thoughts of school. It was the best! Oh, did I mention my friend is a chef? So not only was I on vacation, I was eating good food whilst on vacation. And lest I forget, there was a Grind 'n' Brew coffee pot in the mix too! Coffee whenever I decided to roll out of bed AND good food. It was a much needed break.
But after I came home Sunday night, I had to think about school. I'm still finding the transition into academia a little bit harder than usual. Perhaps it is because this year is shadowed with the thoughts of a Spring graduation. Perhaps it is because I have, in my mind, the least marketable degree --English with a minor in Philosophy-- and am sure I will be living in a cardboard box. Perhaps it is because I do not trust...

Hard as the transition might be, I'm still the same old me. I just finished typing up a reflection paper. It's due at 3.30--I started it at 8AM. It is now 1pm and I don't really care if it's grammatically correct or not. Huzzah for Senior year.
I'm trying new things this year. Journalism for one. That meets in an hour. Another new thing is my fixing my outlook on life. The phrase is "Every day is a good day". Let me be perfectly frank with you: I am a confirmed cynic. If I don't hate the world before my cup of coffee, I hate it as soon as it wears off. If I still don't hate the world, watch out. There will be an event, any event will do-small or large- that will prompt me into the biggest funk you have ever seen. It could be no parking at school coupled with having to park on the street. It could be the way you looked at me after I tried to say something witty. It could be the way old co-workers treat me. Like I said, it could be anything. But after my weekend away and some advice from a friend, I was inspired to fix my view of things. He didn't exactly mention it would be this hard. He said it had it's problems, but I might be writing him with a refund check in mind for the last few days. That, or a demand for anther weekend vacation in the very near future.
If you see me and I look mad, talk to me. Ask me about the good things happening in my life. When I try to moan about my life, stop me. Seriously. If it takes all year, I will try to like life.

Off to lunch and socializing.
I did it.
That is something good about today.

What good things are happening in YOUR life? Tell a friend or enemy. Make them share one good thing with you too. ...Just humor me, okay?!

Friday, July 17, 2009

straight from God's iPod...

These past few days have been a time for me to re-learn & remember that God is in control of every aspect of my day. It started Sunday, then continued Monday with my muffler. Today and yesterday, I've had some insane swelling around my eyes for no reason. I've been feeling down about this and other things, particularly those to do with applying for a 'real' job. I turned on my Panodra radio this morning and created a new station-Lincoln Brewster. The first song was one I was listening to on Monday, "Today's the Day". Okay, thanks God. You made the day and everything in it. You know it's there, so I shouldn't have to worry. Then the next song, "Enough" from Chris Tomlin. Okaaay...I think I get it, God. You are all I need. You are more than enough for everything I need. I started to think that God was behind my Pandora station, just scrolling through his Heavenly iPod thinking, "How else can I remind Laura that I am with her, looking out for her, keeping her safe & orchestrating her day the way I have planned for it to go? Ah, how 'bout I play Third Day's, "Your Love, Oh Lord"? Sounds like a good plan..."
I have no doubt that this is what He did, because the song that just ended was another Brewster tune that said God would never let go of me. Amen & thank you Lord! Keep me caught in this moment where I am held in Your arms.

Every morning praise I sing to Thee
You're slow to wrath and
Swift to bless my soul
Your love endures unchanging
O hallelujah

Cover me with Your grace
Shine on me with Your light
Take Your arms hold me tight
Keep me caught in the moment

Every night I pray myself to sleep
I look to You and plead
My soul You'll keep
You endure unchanging
O hallelujah

You've opened my eyes now
The mystery is clear to me
That in You and You alone
I find the love that sets me free

~Lincoln Brewster "Caught in the Moment"~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

books, books, and mufflers

I should be grateful for all this down time at work so I can blog...but sometimes I'm not. I've actually been really busy these past few weeks. Instead of working with Inter-library loan, which used to be my main area plus all the shelving, I am learning the fine art of Technical Services this summer--along with the other work in ILL and Circulation. I do mean 'fine art' because a lot of the work is very tedious and I'm staring at a computer screen almost all day. It's not bad all the time--promise! It's been really interesting learning a new department of the library-and there are always some perks with new tasks. I get to look at new books and donated books in some of the work, so that is always a plus!

Speaking of books, the Friends of the Library book sale is the weekend!!!! I can't wait! I've been looking forward to this thing for over a year. Last year, I think I got 15 books for $20 -- and 90% were hardback! It was like Christmas! I have a new book bag to take with me and I hope it's enough! While I'd love to spend all my money there, I must save some of it for car payments. This brings up a whole other chapter in my life this summer, one I'm not very happy with. My UGLY 1991 Ford Tempo (affectionately named Viper by the one and only Heather Kiss.) has been givin' me grief for almost 5 months. First it was the expensive inspection (which I'm still paying off). Then, it didn't want to start right away. It wasn't the starter, because if you jiggled the gear shift and waited a while it eventually started. This got increasingly worse and after a visit to the best garage man ever, Viper was once again starting like clockwork. I've also been keeping an eye on the gasket head (I think that's what it is anyway) which probably needs to be replaced. Then, to put the proverbial 'icing on the cake', my muffler fell off Monday night. Well, it would be more accurate to say my muffler rusted off, because that is exactly what happened. After trying to get it off (and failing--but boy did I try!), a very nice man came over to my car and we had this conversation:

MAN: Hey, I see your muffler's hanging off your car there.

ME: (to self: No, really? Thanks!!!!! Is that what the large 'clunk' was about 30 min ago?)

(what I actually said) Yeah, it is.

MAN: Want me to give you a hand with it?

ME: Sure that would be great!

[2.5 seconds later]

MAN: (holding muffler in one hand) Where do you want it?

ME: (facepalm female fail) Let me get the trunk.

So now, for the second time in my life, my muffler is riding around in my trunk. But God has a plan, and worked out a way for it to get fixed this week WITHOUT the massive garage bill. Yay!

And really, that bit, the bit where God provided for me, has been the best part of my week. Even though, in order for that to happen, my muffler had to fall off first.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

another day, another, make that 50 cents

Another delightful day at work! (Yes, read that one: Another slow day with not much to do at work.) Today though, I am more than glad for it! I spent yesterday with Sonya, Jason and Meagan at Dorney Park and I am so extremely exhausted!
The day started sorta early (okay, so I guess leaving the house at 9AM isn't THAT early...) but since I didn't have to drive, it wasn't that bad. We made it to the park shortly after it had opened and it felt EMPTY! No, seriously, it was really empty. We went to the Ferris wheel first (I know, high thrills) to plan out our day and when we got there we all said, " this ride open? No one is in line! Is there even a ride operator here??" The ride was open and there was a person (actually, two persons! I bet they had fun all day!) to operate the ride, even though it was a super boring one. We spent the ride contemplating the empty-ness of the park and comparing it to the one at Knoebels, that we didn't do a lot of planning.
We hit the Talon and a bunch of other roller coasters next. Even Sonya went on some! But, as Jason noted later in the day, "Sonya screams." This is very true, but we love her so it's okay. Jason doesn't ride the ones that spin around a lot, so after we did the Tilt-a-Whirl and a crazy one called the Enterprise (it made Sonya and Meagan Vulcans), we let Jason pick a ride. He picked the Log Flume. We all (at least us girls) had the one from Knoebels in our minds but when we left, well, let's just say it isn't the same! You got wet on this one BEFORE you get half way through it and no where near the last big plunge! I mean, there was a water fall on this one! I don't think we let Jason pick the next ride after that one.
Following our lunch at Burger Barn (where I was the only one who got a chicken wrap) we did the paddle boats at the edge of the park. This was the most exercise (besides walking the park) we got all day. It wasn't just me--it was really tough to paddle! After that, we were all pretty tired so we plotted out the last few rides we wanted to ride again. Steel Force was the last roller coaster of the day. Meagan and Sonya took a nap while me and Jason took our last 'high thrill ride'. (I'm not making this thrill level thing up. It's how Dorney classifies their rides. Seriously, look it up.) What they forgot to tell us was that after a certain time, they turn the coasters on 'turbo force' which makes them 10 times crazier than normal! We had trouble walking after that one. It shook us up, gave us headaches, and if it hadn't been for the seat belts and lap bars, we would have been riding home in an ambulance.
We made it home, all in one piece, and hung out by Jason's pool for a while. When we finally got to my house, I felt like I had been up all night writing a paper. I was so tired that I almost passed out on the living room floor. And let's not talk about how hard it was getting up for work today. Ugh. And while I'm dying for another cup of coffee, I picked up a book called "Buzzed" that dealt with all kinds of addictions, including caffeine. I learn that caffeine from coffee can affect the weight of my unborn baby, hurt my heart in excess and possible hinder my future efforts to have children. Score. Now I have a headache, am falling asleep AND have the seed of fear planted in my subconscious about future consumption of coffee. Thank you, you mighty printed word.
The day at work continues to be slow, but it's okay. I have a devotional to write for the church's advent collection due 30 June. I know. I can sense the shock in you all as you think, "Laura, you have 7 days still! Way to work ahead!" Let me stop that right now: I'm going on vacation this Friday, so it must be done by Thursday. See? I'm still the same old me :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

the girl who lived in the library...

Summer is now in full swing --and I have the pay checks to prove it! Well, I have the pay-stubs to prove it. Not quite the same thing, unfortunately.
Meagan came home the last day of finals week and I did my happy-to-see-you dance for I wrote the conclusion for my last paper and headed out the door with a folder full of final papers to hand in. It is great having her home, though she is working like a ton and I hardly see her. She is going back to school next week to work at a theatre camp, but will be home again about a month before school starts. :)
My summer has been full of work, work, reading, and work. I started work the Monday after finals week, which seemed like a good idea at the time. It has all worked out though, and I would have just been lazing about if I had started work a week later. I made amazing book progress in those first two weeks of work. Finished "The Boneman's Daughter" (a birthday present) in 2 days! It is a must read for all of you DekKer fans! Also finished "The Historian", a much better alternative to the Twilight saga as it is about REAL vampires. That is, unless you like light and fluffy romance a la Stephanie Meyer.
Since Meagan is going to be gone over our regular family vacation time, we all (including Jason) took a bus trip to Cape May. I had a fantastic time, even if I did get a little burnt. Oh well. Cape May is a great little town that, of course, made me miss Brighton. Though, I must say, sand beaches are easier to walk on even if they are 10 times messier! Pictures to follow!
Lately, I've been listening to Leon Jackson, the winner of Britain's X-Factor. My dear friend Rachel got his CD whilst we were in London and shared it with me. Now all it does is remind me of Room 1.50 and King's Cross in Islington. So, excuse me while I go down memory lane, finish up my day at work, and then head out for the long-awaited girls night with Debbs.

I don't know if you can see
The changes that have come over me
In these last few days I've been afraid
That I might drift away
So I've been telling old stories singing songs
That make me think about where I came from
And that's the reason why I seem so far away today
So let me tell you that I love you
That I think about you all the time
Caledonia you're calling me
And now I'm going home
And if I should become a stranger
You know that it would make me more than sad
Caledonia's been everything I've ever had
~Leon Jackson, Caledonia~

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quiet before the Storm

The end of semester is here! Whoo Hoo! I am so glad it's almost over, but I really wish I didn't have to write all these papers! Yesterday was my first final and I was writing about vampires, Frankenstein, and Ghosts for almost 2 hours. Yeah...that one was not so much fun. Today is my last final exam, and I must say, I'm a bit worried about this one. It should be a breeze, but...
Then the real work starts: paper writing. I have to write 1.5 more papers (it sounds less threatening to say it this way. If I said I had two papers, it sounds like I haven't done any work which just isn't true!) by Thursday at 5pm. I know it's do-able, but I really hate the stress associated with cranking out 4,000 words worth of paper.
As soon as school is over (!), I'll get back on here and give a proper update that will include summer things and most importantly, news of sister coming HOME! It's be waaaay too long!
Off to finish the coffee and pray that the sunshine stays!

Friday, April 24, 2009

birds flying high...

Can I get an 'AMEN' to all this sunshine?!? After all this rain we've had, all I can say is, "It's about freakin' time!"

School has been R.O.U.G.H. this term. I'm not really sure if it's been harder than the others, but for some reason it seems to be hitting me harder this year. I think (and I'm sure you are all tired of hearing me say this) it might have something to do with here not being London. Most of the time it doesn't bother me, but every now and again I think about it, and I go back in my mind--and it's hard coming back to reality! I laughed when I got my email from GSE that had a 'Student Re-Entry' packet in a pdf, including a 'Top Ten Immediate Reentry Challenges' list. Let me share a few gems with you.

1. It is largely unexpected that you will experience reverse culture shock. Few people prepare for the return because the expect it to be easy and are surprised when it is not.

[Seriously? Who wrote this?!?)

2. The reality of home differs from reality. When you are abroad, images of home life can become idealized or romanticised. It is easy to forget or minimize the problems or issues that were once a source of stress in your everyday life. Re-encountering them can be disconcerting.

I would love to (not really) share more, but I'm going a bit mad just reading some of them. (That, coupled with the myriad of spelling mistakes has me just frantic...) I thought these Californians were just trying to be helpful, but had no idea that they were actually serious about students have a 're-entry' problem. Turns out, they were actually right. I made it through the first few months okay, with the fabulous help of my church family and friends. But with the pressures of school, I'm somehow missing it more.
While I'm not mooning over London (and sometimes when I am), I'm working at the Learning Center. It's been pretty slow, which is good and bad all at the same time. When it is slow, I have the chance to do some homework, emailing and of course, blogging. I am also more easily distracted if there is no one around...which seems really odd now that I say it out loud.
I do have a job lined up for the summer. I'm back at the library, which makes me really happy. I've missed it so much, even though I'm over there most of the time anyway!
Work is almost over, so I better wrap this up. Four more papers to write for this term! I just have to start them!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

the one that changes...

Change. It's one of those things we just can't avoid, no matter how hard we try. Trust me--I know. I am the queen of anti-change. Just ask my mother.
My aversion to change started long ago, but it became abundantly clear two weeks before I left for London. Seriously, if I hadn't bought my ticket during the summer, I wouldn't have gone. At all. The idea of picking up and flying 3,000 miles was no longer appealing to me. And if I would have gone along with my feelings, I would have missed out on the coolest, best experience of my life. (And yes, Rachel, you are a part of that. :heart:)
Coming home from this awesome experience had a whole new batch of changes as well. A lot of the change was just getting used to things all over again, like driving, house politics and the subtle changes that took place whilst I was gone. School was a big change, but almost a bigger change was my job on campus. For the past two years, I was a work study in the college library. For obvious reasons, this suited me to a 'T'. It was the best job I think I've ever had. Why? Mostly because it was with books, but also because I was COMFORTABLE with the way things were done. Hmm... God's plans are sure not mine.
They weren't able to keep my job for me at the library, so I applied to be a writing/ literature tutor at the Learning Center. This was a last resort. I did not want this job. I was worried, but mostly because it was new and unfamiliar. I know I had small faith that God would provide, and almost hoped he would prevent me from getting this job. Instead, he saw my doubt, and decided to make me grow. Thanks God.
There must be a good point to this, or else I wouldn't be writing, right? Right. Today I had my first appointment. Um yeah. I was terrified. But in my nervousness, I found a bit of calm. I knew I knew how to write. I just had to share that with someone else... The session went well and no one died. Success? I think so. I think I was clear and got some good points across for future use. All I could think about was my conversation with Christine when I told her about my new job. "Oh, you'll be fine." She said. "It will be easy. Don't worry about it!" I doubted her then, but I hung onto those words! She was right! And (she ashamedly admits) God was right. He did provide this job for me and He had new things for me to learn. I wonder why I never remember that...
I guess all change isn't bad. Look at London. I have changed for the better since I've been there, and I'm glad for the new stuff I'm doing because of that. It's a good thing I don't do things the way I want to. I would miss so much if I didn't listen to God. Don't hop off 'the rack of change'. He doesn't pull you out of shape; He shapes you to be more like Him.
Off to bask in the joy of the rack...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the first snow day

It's second week and already I get a day off from school! I'd really like to think I deserved the day off though, for all the work I've been doing.
But yes, a snow day. It was a little annoying getting a text a few seconds before my alarm actually went off, but I'm not complaining too much. I did get to sleep in, which was very nice. I had to shovel snow/slush/ice later which wasn't as nice as the sleeping in part.
First week finished, and another one almost done. I'm not exactly sure how I am going to make it through this semester. It's a bit of a crazy schedule with TONS of reading. Now I know some of you are thinking 'Too much reading? For Laura? But she's an English major!' But when you have to read insane amounts of stuffy philosophers, there is such a thing as too much reading.
It's still taking some adjusting to being back home. Home being here, not just the house. I got very spoiled with one hour lectures in London. How I miss them...I think my brain shuts off after about an hour. It makes those hour and twenty minutes classes feel like eternity. I miss the healthy vending machine on the Piazza in Tower Building. The one that had the bag of chilled pistachio nuts. I miss Galaxy chocolate muffins. Otis Spunkmeyer cannot compare with chocolate-chocolate chip muffins with chocolate icing with chocolate filling...If you don't believe me ask Rachel. She will back me up on this. I miss reading the London Lite and the London Paper on the tube everyday. Sorry, I didn't mean for all of that to come out. But it's true. I miss all of those things. But I'm so glad I get to see my friends again. Even though I'm so super busy with classes and reading, it's so nice to know I'm on the same side of the ocean with them.
I have a bit more reading to do for class tomorrow. Ugh. Oh and did I mention that not only do I have three philosophy classes tomorrow, the fun starts at 8AM? Oh yes. This will be an interesting semester. A very interesting semester...