Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas

Happy (very belated) Christmas to all!
I've had a crazy few weeks, as I'm sure you figured, what with me being in retail and all that. Actually, being in retail is one of the reasons I haven't posted in more than a few weeks. I had realized that the closer it got to Christmas, the less excited I was about it. Me? Not be excited about Christmas? The one who listens to Christmas music in July? Yup. Me. I was not happy or excited about Christmas. Except knowing that once it was all over I could finally take a breather.
I was working 40 and 50 combined hour weeks between Old Navy and Bath & Body Works. It wasn't too bad...except on the nights where I would close at B&BW, not get home until maybe 1.30 AM, and then have to be at work at 9AM the next morning at Old Navy. The work was starting to take a toll on me and I took lots of naps in the hours between shifts. I even slept in my (locked) car on the days I only had maybe 2 hours between shifts. Yep. It was getting pretty bad.
Christmas Eve I worked a 7 hour shift and had just enough time to book it to church, change, try to wash off what I could of the day and be fresh-faced and full of Christmas joy for all three of our Christmas Eve services. Let me tell you, I was running so low on Christmas Joy that I almost forgot what it felt like. It was very difficult for me to keep a joyful attitude and remember the whole reason why I was there.
Christmas Day, though I had off, was another crazy day in a long string of crazy days. From church in the morning to Christmas with relatives, by 3pm I was exhausted. And we hadn't even done our family Christmas yet! Finally we made it home and began opening our own presents. One of the first things I opened was my very own copy of The Muppet's Christmas Carol! In my humble opinion, it is one of the best (if not THE best) versions of the story and I love it. I started singing some songs and was struck by one of the lines: it's true, wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas. I was sitting at home with the family I loved, and had seen people that I loved earlier that day. Maybe Christmas Joy isn't some giant feeling that is built up all season long. Maybe it simply is realizing that spending time where you are loved, with people that you love is enough. I pulled myself together long enough not to cry right there and then, but it was such a welcome thought after all of the angry hustle and bustle of the retail crowds I had been spending most of my time with all December.

Also, Happy New Year!
(Am I the only person who is shocked every January to realize yet another year has come? It seems the year drags on, but somewhere around November it is put into overdrive. It gets me every time.)
I'm back to working about 15 hours a week at Old Navy again. Though it is sad to see the paycheck amount get smaller, it is nice to not be so exhausted all of the time. I'm reading more, seeing friends more, and just generally having more time in my day. I am using some of that time to once again begin job searching. Less than fun, but it must happen.

I have a few New Year Resolutions this year. Nothing concrete or written down, (less disappointment that way...) but they are things I am really excited about.

One of them is that I will make more time for blogging.

I really do love blogging.

It's cathartic. It keeps me writing. It makes me examine things in a deeper way than I normally would. And I love it.

So keep your eyes peeled (ew. gross mental image.sorry about that.) for more from this blog in the coming year. And yes, look for other Resolution Revelations. I promise to share :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello Monday

hello to one more day of Christmas celebration

hello to an extra day of family togetherness

hello to a semi-normal work week

hello to morning coffee with my daddy

hello to tea & conversation with my adopted little sister

hello to part time job searching...again

hello to my new devotional, A Year with Aslan {which I hope will get me writing more, thinking more, and praying more}

hello to a new year &  the new adventures and opportunities you will bring!

{ps. hello to friends that remind me to blog! I love you!}