Friday, July 17, 2009

straight from God's iPod...

These past few days have been a time for me to re-learn & remember that God is in control of every aspect of my day. It started Sunday, then continued Monday with my muffler. Today and yesterday, I've had some insane swelling around my eyes for no reason. I've been feeling down about this and other things, particularly those to do with applying for a 'real' job. I turned on my Panodra radio this morning and created a new station-Lincoln Brewster. The first song was one I was listening to on Monday, "Today's the Day". Okay, thanks God. You made the day and everything in it. You know it's there, so I shouldn't have to worry. Then the next song, "Enough" from Chris Tomlin. Okaaay...I think I get it, God. You are all I need. You are more than enough for everything I need. I started to think that God was behind my Pandora station, just scrolling through his Heavenly iPod thinking, "How else can I remind Laura that I am with her, looking out for her, keeping her safe & orchestrating her day the way I have planned for it to go? Ah, how 'bout I play Third Day's, "Your Love, Oh Lord"? Sounds like a good plan..."
I have no doubt that this is what He did, because the song that just ended was another Brewster tune that said God would never let go of me. Amen & thank you Lord! Keep me caught in this moment where I am held in Your arms.

Every morning praise I sing to Thee
You're slow to wrath and
Swift to bless my soul
Your love endures unchanging
O hallelujah

Cover me with Your grace
Shine on me with Your light
Take Your arms hold me tight
Keep me caught in the moment

Every night I pray myself to sleep
I look to You and plead
My soul You'll keep
You endure unchanging
O hallelujah

You've opened my eyes now
The mystery is clear to me
That in You and You alone
I find the love that sets me free

~Lincoln Brewster "Caught in the Moment"~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

books, books, and mufflers

I should be grateful for all this down time at work so I can blog...but sometimes I'm not. I've actually been really busy these past few weeks. Instead of working with Inter-library loan, which used to be my main area plus all the shelving, I am learning the fine art of Technical Services this summer--along with the other work in ILL and Circulation. I do mean 'fine art' because a lot of the work is very tedious and I'm staring at a computer screen almost all day. It's not bad all the time--promise! It's been really interesting learning a new department of the library-and there are always some perks with new tasks. I get to look at new books and donated books in some of the work, so that is always a plus!

Speaking of books, the Friends of the Library book sale is the weekend!!!! I can't wait! I've been looking forward to this thing for over a year. Last year, I think I got 15 books for $20 -- and 90% were hardback! It was like Christmas! I have a new book bag to take with me and I hope it's enough! While I'd love to spend all my money there, I must save some of it for car payments. This brings up a whole other chapter in my life this summer, one I'm not very happy with. My UGLY 1991 Ford Tempo (affectionately named Viper by the one and only Heather Kiss.) has been givin' me grief for almost 5 months. First it was the expensive inspection (which I'm still paying off). Then, it didn't want to start right away. It wasn't the starter, because if you jiggled the gear shift and waited a while it eventually started. This got increasingly worse and after a visit to the best garage man ever, Viper was once again starting like clockwork. I've also been keeping an eye on the gasket head (I think that's what it is anyway) which probably needs to be replaced. Then, to put the proverbial 'icing on the cake', my muffler fell off Monday night. Well, it would be more accurate to say my muffler rusted off, because that is exactly what happened. After trying to get it off (and failing--but boy did I try!), a very nice man came over to my car and we had this conversation:

MAN: Hey, I see your muffler's hanging off your car there.

ME: (to self: No, really? Thanks!!!!! Is that what the large 'clunk' was about 30 min ago?)

(what I actually said) Yeah, it is.

MAN: Want me to give you a hand with it?

ME: Sure that would be great!

[2.5 seconds later]

MAN: (holding muffler in one hand) Where do you want it?

ME: (facepalm female fail) Let me get the trunk.

So now, for the second time in my life, my muffler is riding around in my trunk. But God has a plan, and worked out a way for it to get fixed this week WITHOUT the massive garage bill. Yay!

And really, that bit, the bit where God provided for me, has been the best part of my week. Even though, in order for that to happen, my muffler had to fall off first.