Sunday, December 27, 2009

Silent Night

The holiday season is full of hustle and bustle. Rushing around Christmas Eve services (yes, services plural), Christmas with my mom's family, Christmas with my dad's family, after Christmas shopping and tons of cooking and baking. I had a great few days of celebrations, but right now is the time that I like: the afterglow of a slight holiday hangover. I don't exactly like the hangover feeling. Too much food is too much food and there is no pretty way to spin that one. But it's the quiet I like. The quiet of the world. Everyone comes home for the holidays. I sat in the living room by the tree Christmas Eve night, because let's face it, I'm a child, and I just sat there. Mesmerized by the lights (see? I'm a child.) and the excitement. But mostly I was aware of the silence. There is something really special to me about that kind of silence. Right now, I'm at Sonya's apartment spending time with my sisters. Sonya is sitting on her new bean bag chair, which is actually her first bean bag chair ever. We are all pretty excited about this one. Meagan is talking on the phone and being super cute whilst doing so. She is also playing with my hair, which is really sweet of her. Sonya has a bunch of candles lit so the place smells like Christmas. The radiators are boiling and bubbling and making those weird noises that they do. But I like it. It's cozy. To me, this is better than Christmas parties, holiday hoedowns and big family get together things. I'm spending time with my girls and it doesn't get too much better than that.
Though, if you threw in a gigantic cup of coffee, a book and a super comfy chair there might be a tie.

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