Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Fickle Friend, the Summer Wind

Another semester has started. I already miss my summer!
Now before you start yelling at me, hold on just a second! I was working at the school all summer long! I only had one tiny vacation and...well, now I'm even annoying myself! Never mind.
I was lucky enough to take a ride to see my friends, who live near Hershey World, and spend the weekend away from home and thoughts of school. It was the best! Oh, did I mention my friend is a chef? So not only was I on vacation, I was eating good food whilst on vacation. And lest I forget, there was a Grind 'n' Brew coffee pot in the mix too! Coffee whenever I decided to roll out of bed AND good food. It was a much needed break.
But after I came home Sunday night, I had to think about school. I'm still finding the transition into academia a little bit harder than usual. Perhaps it is because this year is shadowed with the thoughts of a Spring graduation. Perhaps it is because I have, in my mind, the least marketable degree --English with a minor in Philosophy-- and am sure I will be living in a cardboard box. Perhaps it is because I do not trust...

Hard as the transition might be, I'm still the same old me. I just finished typing up a reflection paper. It's due at 3.30--I started it at 8AM. It is now 1pm and I don't really care if it's grammatically correct or not. Huzzah for Senior year.
I'm trying new things this year. Journalism for one. That meets in an hour. Another new thing is my fixing my outlook on life. The phrase is "Every day is a good day". Let me be perfectly frank with you: I am a confirmed cynic. If I don't hate the world before my cup of coffee, I hate it as soon as it wears off. If I still don't hate the world, watch out. There will be an event, any event will do-small or large- that will prompt me into the biggest funk you have ever seen. It could be no parking at school coupled with having to park on the street. It could be the way you looked at me after I tried to say something witty. It could be the way old co-workers treat me. Like I said, it could be anything. But after my weekend away and some advice from a friend, I was inspired to fix my view of things. He didn't exactly mention it would be this hard. He said it had it's problems, but I might be writing him with a refund check in mind for the last few days. That, or a demand for anther weekend vacation in the very near future.
If you see me and I look mad, talk to me. Ask me about the good things happening in my life. When I try to moan about my life, stop me. Seriously. If it takes all year, I will try to like life.

Off to lunch and socializing.
I did it.
That is something good about today.

What good things are happening in YOUR life? Tell a friend or enemy. Make them share one good thing with you too. ...Just humor me, okay?!


sharon said...

remember me praying for someone to feed you in London? well God answered another prayer - that He would give Lucy the idea that Meagan might want to move things around in the room. well those were the first words out of her mouth! isn't God good?!

Andrea said...

i feel your pain, sister. i too am soon to be on my way back to school. one good thing in my life right now...i have a new pair of glasses i'm totally in love with. how's that? :D