Monday, August 31, 2009

say, "hey, it's a good day!"

A blog post? On a Monday morning? Yup. That's right folks. Thanks for noticing.

I thought I'd catch you all up on life and Operation "Every day is a good day". I can tell you are all excited about this one :)

The end of last week actually went quite well. There is something to be said about only two classes a day. It makes me feel like I'm not really busy...which ultimately is a bad thing for me. Cue Sunday night. I was at church until 9pm, then I came home to do homework...I think I was up until 11pm. Now, 50% of that was actual work. The rest, well...

Whilst at church though, I was able to talk to my friend who helped start Operation "Every day is a good day", and boy, did I lay into him. "Um, was it supposed to be this hard?" I asked him accusingly. I think he actually laughed a bit before he answered. "Yes. At least in the beginning it will be hard. But keep telling yourself, 'Every day is a good day' and eventually you will believe it. Some days you might not feel like it (At this point, he says the catch phrase with a grimace and made it sound like a few choice words were left out...). Say it anyway."
Through this whole exchange, I couldn't help but think of the phrase from 'Elizabethtown': If it wasn't this, it'd be something else. I always thought that was a stupid phrase, but really, I think it fits. If I could have found a parking space this morning, maybe my car would have been dinged in the parking lot (like I would actually notice). If it wasn't that, it could have been something much worse, and there are TONS of things worse than walking five minutes to a parking space, right? Of course right.
Today the Learning Center was (still is!) crazy busy. I had my first appointments of the semester and both went very well. I owe this, not to my insane English grammar & paper writing skills, but to my adjustment in attitude. I came in this morning and did my whole, "Oh poo. I have appointments? Ewww, gross." Then everyone was saying, "Um, Laura? That is your job. This is what we get PAID to do." That's when I realised I was being negative and that I needed a new outlook on life. I tried to pass my negativity off as joking (not sure if they bought it or not), and changed the way I was speaking. As I did this, it changed my attitude as well. Score one for Operation "Every day is a good day".
The rest of my day looks good. Well, except the part where I don't know what time my class starts. I left work in a tizzy after my last appointment, ran upstairs and planned on being a few minutes late for class. I walk in and, except for my professor, there was only one person in class.
" Tom", I say to my professor, "Class starts at two, right?"
"Naw" he says, "Starts at 3.30."
"Aww, crappers", says I.

But hey! I was early for class and THAT is a good thing!


However long our feet have walked on this world
We’ve all lived long enough to know
That sometimes life will go our way
And other times it won’t
But still I’ve got this joy inside of me
With each new dawn I do believe to
Say hey, it’s a good day
Even if things aren’t going my way
Jesus is Lord and I am saved
So, say hey, it’s a good day
Circumstance and situations change
You know life can turn on a dime
But there’s a constant hope and peace
That I have come to find
And it’s all because of who God is
And that He is alive and I am His, so
Say hey, it’s a good day
Even if things aren’t going my way
Jesus is Lord and I am saved
So, say hey, it’s a good day
We are all as happy as we make our minds up to be
I have just decided that nothing’s gonna take this joy from me
~FFH "Say hey, it's a good day"~


sharon said...

Sorry I don't know this but did you write those words or is an already published song? It's a good word, either way. I am saved - it's a good day!!

through a glass darkly said...

nope. its a FFH song. i just copied it down :)