Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the Fulhm vs. Wigan football match

Tonight was my first British football match! It was so exciting! It was a match between Fulham and Wigan, played at Fulham's home stadium.

It was SO cold! I had two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves, three shirts and a hat and I was STILL cold! It was really fun though. I can't remember the last time I was at a football (I mean, soccer for you American kids) match. I think it had to be in high school with Mrs. Mac all bundled up with blankets. I could have used them tonight, Mrs. Mac!
When we got off the tube, Michael told us we were sitting in the cheering section and that we had better cheer for the "whites" or else we would be in trouble. The "whites", of course were Fuhlam, and they killed Wigan 2-0. Yay! We had really good seats, as you can tell from some of these pictures. To give you an idea of how close we were, someone missed the net and the ball went into the crowd shown in this picture. Yeah, really close to the pitch...
I did have a wonderful time, though. I suppose I need to watch more football when I get home...and not the American kind!
Please excuse me, I need to go thaw... :)


DebRiss said...

LOVE the picture of you! Very cute my dear. I am cold just reading all that. Bbbbrrrrrr! I am glad the team you were rooting for won. That makes it more fun. What a cool experience (and I dont mean temperature wise). You sure are racking up the great experiences for your lexicon of ideas to pull from later when you finally write the great Amercian novel.

Diane said...

Nice the hat - lol!!! You should have packed your under really works, keeps your nice and warm...yes, they even have socks. Can't believe you went to a soccer game - you are full of surprises. Sorry I haven't sent you a card - know that I am thinking of you and praying. Love you