Sunday, October 12, 2008

the day the sun shone

It was another beautiful day in Islington today. The sun was shinning (which made the walk to and from church glorious) and I was blessed by God's people (read: Inge and Mark had me over for lunch again!). It was more than just good food and a lovely day, though. The pastor at St. Giles comes home this evening, so the same man who spoke last week spoke again. We sang a song that we sing back home, though it was quite a bit slower here... oh well. I was invited and stayed for cell groups after church. It was funny because some of the old biddies were almost late and Francis came running saying, "You can't start without me!" Of course, we didn't. Maureen was told to make sure she had her glasses on, and our group was cut a few minutes short when Ian, who has health problems, announced he had to use the toilet. What a way to end the meeting! God is at work though, as those who have "Experienced God", and I am learning to see that. I am continually amazed that God never gives up on me and that He never stops giving me second chances at things. This morning, Dominic shared with us Romans 3:23-24. He pointed out especially verse 24 which says that we have been "justified freely by grace", that it is a gift. FREE! As Sonya V. says, "Free is my favourite colour!" Amen to that sister!
I would have pictures from Regent's Canal here, but I forgot to take my camera with me today. I do have some, but the sun isn't out. I want to show you that when the sun hits that Canal just right, the whole place lights up. Look for those in an upcoming post! (Also, the blister on my heel from my FLATS that I wore to the museum on Saturday was hurting, so I didn't want to go back to my room, get my camera, and go back to the Canal.)
The shoe shopping saga will continue Monday if my feet stop hurting. Class as usual this week...snore.


mrsforeman said...

I miss you so much. I wish you were here so I could get a "Laura Hug".Just have to tell you how happy I am that you have connected with a couple who has decided to join God at work. On that note, Church was awesome today. Not to make you homesick but I feel so blessed to be part of such a wonderful body. I am so happy that I will get to spend eternity with my FBC brothers and sisters, I love them all so much! God was working in and through the people at FBC today it was amazing! When the Son shines it's really bright. Glad you go to see it!

DebRiss said...

I would love to visit your little church family you have found. It sounds like God is at work there and people are willing to be used by Him. That is so awesome! What a great experience for you to get to meet God in a new way in a new place.
Sorry about the bisters. Yes, even flats can be our enemeies at times. Remember, it is not the style that matters, it is the fit. Good luck and God bless with the shoe shopping. Wish I were there to help! And remember, life is too short to wear ugly shoes. wink, wink. ;o)