Friday, October 17, 2008

the end of week three

Today is the last day of Week 3 of classes, which means I've been here 4 weeks already! I can't believe it! It hardly feels like I've been here a whole month. There is still so much to do and see! That being said, I'm so glad the weekend is here! It's been a full 3 weeks, so our trip to Brighton comes at a great time!
I got me some "culture" this week. I went to see the musical "Blood Brothers" with my GSE group at the Phoenix Theatre on Tuesday. It's been playing in that theatre for 20 years! It was a really good show, but really sad.
Yesterday was so nice that I walked home from school. I found a new way that landed me close to St. Gile's, my church for while I'm here. So I took some pictures of it and of Inge and Mark's home. I was also reminded that is officially fall! So to honor that realisation, I crunched some leaves while I walked home.

I went down to Regent's Canal again. It FINALLY was sunny enough (by my book) to take pictures to share with you!

I went to see the British Library! It was so amazing. I got to see the ORIGINAL "Jane Eyre" manuscript (Reader--I married him.). I saw some Jane Austen text and Shakespeare folios! (I read Sonnet 116 out of these, to those of you who care!) There were portions of the book of Hebrews and a Gutenberg Bible. I could have stayed there forever!
Today was homework day, as every Friday usually is for me. Jessica, my roommate, and I went for English breakfast before we commenced our studying. We went to a little place down the road called "The Other Side" and got 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, sausage, hash brown, grilled tomato, beans, toast, mushrooms (Jessica ate mine), and coffee. Wow! It was really good! After that, we went in search of a cafe. We found this little place that had too loud music, but really good coffee. It was cozy and we stayed for a few hours. I got so much work done!
We leave for Brighton in about an hour, so I'd better get packing! Just kidding Mom! I'm already packed. We will be gone for the weekend, returning Sunday afternoon. Must not forget to take the journal along on the trip. Like the girls in "The Importance of Being Ernest" said, I need to have something sensational to read on the train!


Sonya Mae said...

i love when you post pictures!!! beans for breakfast?? i'd never make it! have fun this weekend :) love ya

DebRiss said...

Love the pictures! Glad you did wait for the sun to be shining. I hope you have a fabulous weekend! I cant wait to hear all about it. Oh, and the library sounds wonderful. I would love to spend a few days there myself.

Library said...

Yeah for libraries! I can imagine Marc DiPaolo just drooling with jealousy in your wonderful finds...hehe

I agree, I just love your pictures - somehow they do tell a thousand words, but your writings also help immensely......sending blessings your way ! =},

Rhonda said...

Girl, you are making me crave some quiet time at a quaint British cafe! Have a cup of coffee for me:)!