Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the "old stone buildings" in Cambridge

I was lucky enough to be able to talk to my uncle last week before my big trip to Cambridge. He had been to Cambridge years ago, and told me that pretty much all I would see would be big, old stone buildings. Basically, he was right :)
Cambridge was wonderful. We saw King's College and also took a tour of King's College Chapel. If I'm remembering my facts, it took over 200 years to complete and went through three different time periods of construction. I'm sure I didn't appreciate it as much as I should have, what with it being a big, old stone building, but it was truly amazing. I just realised this picture is a bit fuzzy, but it was the best one I had that shows how massive this chapel was. This one is of the same side of the chapel, just taken on the outside.

This is the Mathematical Bridge that is over the river Cam. Traditionally, it was supposed to have been constructed without nails by Newton. Curious students took the bridge apart after his death and were unsuccessful in putting it back together with nuts and bolts. However, Queen's College (the building on the right is the President's Lodge) put out a statement that said not only had Newton died before the bridge was constructed, but that "Only a pedant could claim that the bridge was originally built without nails."

I have another Newton story for you. This tree, this apple tree, was supposed to be where Newton got hit on the head by an apple and got that grand idea...what was it again? Oh, that one that makes me fall over...gravity. Yeah, that's the one. And no, it's not the same tree as the one he sat under, but it's supposed to be in the same place. After walking through the different colleges, I walked about town by myself. I visited the Fitzwilliam Museum which looked a lot like the other museums I've been to see. It is sad when all of the art work starts blurring together. It is really nice that most of the museums are free so you don't have to worry about spending one hour or one minute in them. Of course, then they hammer you in the gift shop. :)
This week is week 5, so it's almost half-way through the term. I handed in my first paper last week, and will have another one due in another week or so. It is refreshing to know that I'm "almost" done with this term, scary to know that I still have a lot of stuff to do, and sad that I'm "almost" done with my time here in London. It's hard to believe I've been here for more than a month!
I had another wonderful Sunday at St. Giles. I finally got to meet Pastor David and his wife Alyson and they are both very lovely. Pastor David speaks with almost the same enthusiasm that Pastor Tim uses so I felt quite at home. I also noticed that in the sermon notes section, Pastor David had included thoughts from A. W. Tozer and C.S. Lewis, so I knew that the sermon was going to be good.
Speaking of Lewis,
(all of you non-book/Lewis lovers, just go ahead and take nap for a moment) one highlight I had on my trip to Cambridge was seeing scholarly works by Lewis in the Cambridge University Press bookstore! Yes, I took pictures...

Tomorrow is a GSE event. We are going to a football match. And yes, I do mean soccer. We are seeing, in the words of my coordinator, the "mighty Fulham take on the fearsome Wigan". I have no idea who either of those teams are, but will probably be singing football songs by the end of the match!


mrsforeman said...

Compared with other parts of England it is really quite common but, I am sure you will agree that Cambridge was lovely (my favorite actually). The streets that are no where near straight mesmerize me. I take it you did not go punting (?)- I didn't either, but it looked like fun. Did you happen to take a train in? Did you notice ALL the bikes at the train depot? and the massive bike bridge over the highway?
Don't think about all that you have to do or how little time you have left. Just enjoy yourself. ( and be safe!) Miss you bunches (and bunches)

DebRiss said...

Sounds like a lovely time my dear. I cant wait to hear the outcome of your papers. I am sure you did smashing! Love the pictures. I am impressed with old stone buildings. :o) I am glad you finally met the pastor and his wife. Sounds like you are right were God wants ya. :o)

Diane said...

Great Pictures Laura - the chapel is beautiful...by the way, I am back on your blog---had trouble getting in, your Mom helped. God is good...he used sermon notes to show you just how much he loves you. Keep up the hard work. Enjoy this experience - love you