Friday, October 10, 2008

the day Lisa came to town!

Cheerio to the restless natives! I have been told by quite a few of you that it has been a week since my last post. Indeed it has been! I am learning that school in the states is pretty much the same as school here. That is the reason I give for lack of an update. :)
But truly, my week has just been about school. Since my trips with GSE are on the weekend, I really don't do too much else (to the dismay of everyone, I know) during the week. When that changes, you will be the first to know!
Wednesday I went down by Regent's Canal. I didn't get any new pictures, but I will get some this week. I needed to finish Sense and Sensibility because I just HAD to make sure that everything ended well. And, as all of the Austen nuts squeal, that's exactly what happened! The view of the canal was pretty amazing, though. We have been getting lots of sunshine with highs in the mid-60's, so my trip to the canal was sun-laden and breezy. Basically, it was the best kind of day to be out reading.
Thursday I actually had plans! Lisa, a friend I made at Alvernia who did a study abroad program there for a year, was over in London on business for a few days so we met up. This picture is of Tower Bridge, the bridge I walked across to find Lisa.
We spent the evening walking around town and talking. We went to Oxford Circus and did some shopping. (We almost bought these hats...but decided against them!)
We walked until I couldn't walk any more (yes, it was those boots!) and then got coffee at a Starbucks.
We had a wonderful time chatting and drinking our coffee (well, I had coffee) and tried to stretch out time out as long as we could. All in all, and besides swollen feet, it was a wonderful day.
Today involved a trip to Tesco's (No, Kris, not the gas station!), and then Holloway Road for new shoes. I made it to Holloway Road, but the shoe store closed before I got there. It's ok, I like my feet to hurt all the time...
Tomorrow we go to the National Gallery and Tate Modern. It should be lots of fun! The Gallery doesn't allow photos, so I can't promise any from that. Maybe, though, I'll get to see St. Martin-in-the-Fields. If I do, expect pictures from that! Cheers to you all!
(P.S. Light problem in the room is all fixed. The light fixed itself, basically. If it hadn't, the maintenance guy only took three days to get to us, so we would have been fine! [seriously!])


DebRiss said...

Ok, good choice on not getting the hats but bad choice on footwear once again. I was watching Sense and Sensibility on tv the other day and I was thinking of you. :o) So are your classes challenging or just time consuming? I cant wait ot see more pictures.

sharon said...

so glad you had a chance to meet up with Lisa. I know you two had a great time. too bad you can't just take the tube to visit her.
i'm with deb, glad you didn't get the hats!
love you lots

Rhonda said...

Hey girl. The LORD is so good. I love how he provided an opportunity for you and Lisa to reconnect. I am gonna have to be the rebel here and say, LOVED the hats. Sometimes we have to think outside the box, smile:)

Glad to hear that you are keeping up with your studies and have plenty of time to take in ALL that England has to offer.