Friday, November 7, 2008

the empty weekend and the song that goes like this...

Well, faithful readers (or maybe not so faithful readers), I bring you an update! Now, don't get all excited, because nothing much happened. I am sorry.
Last Friday I went to see Quantum of Solace on it's opening night here in London! Rachel and I got all dressed up and went down to Odeon for the new Bond flick. (Meagan, these pictures are for you!) The theater was simply amazing and totally not like any of the theaters back home.
This is inside (obviously). Our movie was up those stairs and to the right.
This is me and my delightful date, Rachel. Sunday was another wonderful day at St. Giles. Rachel came to church with me and after service we were both invited to a wonderful lunch at Mark and Inge's. I am getting spoiled :) They are the sweetest people! I don't know how they got all of that food cooked in such a tiny little kitchen, or how every week they are able to fit two more people at their already packed table. But they do it, and I am blessed every week!
I went to see a show this past Wednesday. LMU got tickets for the study abroad students to see Spamalot. Getting to the theatre was a bit of a chore. My roommate and I got off at a Tube station that was a bit of a walk away from the theatre and then it started to rain. Of course, no one had brought an umbrella so by the time we got to the theatre we were a bit damp around the edges. Something happened with our seats, and we got an upgrade. We had, I think, the best seats in the house. We weren't on level with the stage, but not in the balcony either. Perfect seats. It was a very funny show...and those songs get stuck in your head like a bad Disney Land ride.
This weekend is also a bit empty. I will be doing homework most of the time, and later today I'm going to go out and do some exploring. Oh, and grocery shopping. Drat.

Two bits of happy news before I sign off. I found Little Women on youtube. The ENTIRE movie! It was the one movie I wish I had brought with me, but now I have it online! It is the funniest movie. It makes me feel more at home.
Attention Twilight fans! Road trip to England for the 19 December release? Let me know!


DebRiss said...

That movie theatre is amazing! You are going to be quite spoiled going to places like than and then returning to the 2 dollar theater here on 5th street. I am glad you found Little Women. I love that story. I read it while I was preggers with Allie. I think I channeled a lot of Jo into her. LOL! Our home is a buzz waiting for the Twilight movie to open. I would LOVE to see it in that theatre you have there!!
I feel your pain on doing the homework all weekend. I am with you sista friend on that one. I SHOULD be writing up my thesis outline right now. Ok, ok, I am going...back to work...

Donald said...

Boo stupid Twilight!

Anonymous said...

If I come all the way across the pond to see a movie with you, it will be something good, like Narnia, not Twilight. (And yes, I WILL talk to you during the entire flick.) Oh, and while I'm at it, James Bond should never be a blonde!

Ha! I'm not really in a grumpy mood...just wanted to tease my new favorite Brit. Great to "hear" from you again, and I'm glad you're back on the radar!

Come home soon!

PT :-)

Diane said...

Laura....thank you for sharing your pictures and experience at the theatre....God is good, he gave you an upgrade on your seats; Little Women is a great story. When reading the part about not having an umbrella, made me think of our experience yesterday at the Revolve Tour. We walked half way around the Wachovia Spectrum to get our lunches and guess was raining and both of my umbrellas were in my car. Nobody thought to bring one - oh well, a little rain is good for you. Praying for you! Love DIane