Saturday, November 22, 2008

the post from Scotland

Hello from Scotland! Now before you all get excited, there are no pictures with this post. I've spoiled you, I know. But at least I'm updating, right?
Friday we took a four hour train ride to Edinburgh. That was fun...yeah.
This morning, after a delicious Scottish breakfast (which is very similar to an English breakfast--actually, it's the exact same thing just a different country) we went to see Edinburgh by bus tour. No, not an enclosed, warm bus tour. It was the kind with the double decker bus with a bit of the top open. Guess where we sat? Yup. In the freezing cold! It was really nice though. You couldn't feel your face or toes after a while, so it wasn't so bad.
After the tour, we went to Edinburgh Castle. It was sooo beautiful! (Oh and Dad, I have inherited your propensity to take FOREVER in museums/ tour-y places. Thank you, so much. :) )
After I spent a few hours there walking around in the freezing cold (not an exaggeration, by the way) I walked back through the Grassmarket to my hotel. For those who like places with a bit of an interesting history, they used to hang people in the Grassmarket. There is also a pub here called 'The Last Drop' which I found very clever.
Tonight is a GSE dinner, which is great for two reasons: I don't have to make it/ clean it up and it's 'free'. Meh. I've paid for it already so I'll enjoy myself. That means starters and maybe even dessert! And that shows you how much I eat when I cook for myself!
Well the gloves I'm wearing are getting in my way a I think I'll sign off here. Cheers from cold Scotland!

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