Sunday, November 6, 2011

An Opening For A Princess

...a genuine certified princess!

Meagan as Princess Winnifred describing "The Swamps of Home"

And what an opening weekend was had! Huntington University's theatre program opened their fall season with "Once Upon a Mattress" staring none other than my fabbity-fab little sister! I got to see the show twice and I swear she got better with each performance!
(And maybe I'm biased, but I thought she was one of the BEST [ya know, to be fair. Honestly, she WAS the best.] actors on the stage!)

The show was in the smaller studio theatre, which was an excellent choice because so much of the show was relied on facial expressions that would have been lost in the bigger theatre.
Anything I say about the show will be a rave. I can't help it. I laughed so hard. I even laughed the second time I saw it!

But besides the show, we had a really great weekend. The trip was much longer than I remembered and the back seat of my parent's car has gotten more uncomfortable over the years. I think I packed at least 12 books; I read all of one. Two, if you count "Game of Thrones," even though I started it weeks ago, 'cause I finally finished it! I think I'll have to do a review on that one later. I was shocked by the way things ended. I didn't see it coming and am impressed with the strength the characters had by the end...oh so much to say!

(The other book I took was called "When She Woke" by Hillary Jordan and I read it in half a day. It was very thought provoking and critical of rote religion and social issues. Very worthy of a review of it's own as well.)

We are home and (mostly) unpacked from the weekend. I am so looking forward to a good night of rest. We were going all day, early-ish to well past midnight most nights while we were gone. Sleeping in the car, in the middle of the day, really does something to mess up the internal clock. However, I have to be back into the swing of things tonight already because I have a work meeting in an hour and a half. No rest for the wicked!

P.S. If you are friends with me or my mom on Facebook, look for videos from the show within the week! I just dare you not to laugh!

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Sarah said...

This post- and all the family love stuffed in it- just makes me happy. I really enjoyed reading about your weekend!