Monday, November 28, 2011

Not to be morbid...

...but happy (belated) death day, Clive Staples Lewis!

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Last Tuesday, November 22, marked the 48th anniversary of his death. Current Resident Director at The Kilns, Dr. Debbie Higgens, wrote about Lewis' last day on earth on her blog last week, with Warren Lewis' (CSL's brother) description of the events of the day. If you have a chance, check it out. I think I'm going to need to put the biography she quotes from (Green & Hooper) on my Christmas list!

I think it would be a pretty fair assessment to call him my favourite author of all time. He is, at least, one author I would have given just about anything to meet. I imagine, that if we had met, we would have been friends. We share a love for books, fantasy, children's stories, tea, walks down British lanes, time with friends and, of course, Jesus Christ.
Most of his religious work (or actually, most of his work period) is very scholarly and sometime seems inaccessible to most people, learned or otherwise. I do not believe this was his true nature. He was a scholar, so I would expect his work to reflect that; but he was also an adult man who wrote stories for children very well. In all I read about him, I imagine him to be a very jovial, hobbit-like man, fond of his pipe and home. All in all, a very down to earth, non-pretentious kind of man. (Though not without his faults, as I am sure Joy Gresham Lewis would tell us!)

I wish I really knew why I was so fascinated with his life. He was, after all, just man. No different from the rest of the members of the body of Christ or any other Christian professor. Perhaps it was his journey to Christianity, the long road (30 years!) with atheism and then his amazing and beautiful insights into his new-found faith. Whatever it is, I join with Dr. Debbie when she says we should celebrate "a life well lived for our Lord Jesus Christ!"

If you missed doing anything honorary on his "death day," fret not! His birthday is right around the corner! Let's celebrate C. S. Lewis' birthday together on November 29th by commenting on this blog entry with your favourite book, quote or random tidbit about Jack!

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