Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snowy Confession Time

Dear readers, I have to confess.

I haven't had more than 5 cups of coffee this month.

Insane, right?

It's the weather and my cold! It makes me want tea instead of coffee!

Good news is I'm starting to feel better and the coffee drinking has begun anew. I am feeling much more human and like my old caffeine-addled self.

But, alas, that is not the whole confession part.

Drumroll (and many apologies for not saying so sooner...):

I have a job!

Actually and technically, I have two jobs!

I started part-time regular work at Old Navy this week and it has been fabo-fabulous. I did happen to start on a particularly crazy day, as the Stuff&Save promotion happened this week. And getting to work yesterday was insane! The store was pretty quiet, which was a nice time to spend some more time getting to know the store better. This week I was on the sales floor; next week it looks like I'm on CashWrap. Which I'm not terribly excited about, but will find the strength to endure.
Why? How??
Because in my head, I'm always doing the happy "I've got a job!" dance!

I'm also part-time holiday at Bath & Body Works, but haven't started there yet. I'm having tons of issues with getting into the system from home to input my availability so I can be put on the schedule. So. I haven't worked yet and I'm not even in the schedule. I'll think about it tomorrow :)

Crazy, huh?

I waiting to post this for a few reasons. One being it felt weird to post about a job I had before working one shift. The bigger reason though was this: I was working on being thankful.
These jobs are not my dream jobs. When I officially was hired and my first orientations were scheduled, everyone around me was excited. I was thinking, "Gee, Lord. Retail? Really? Because when you see me you say "shopper!" My prayers were answered...just not in the way I had wanted! I felt embarrassed about having a job most college could get. No offense to college students, but I have my degree. Shouldn't I be able to get a "real", "grown-up" job? Apparently, not right now. Maybe soon. But not now.
It took some time, but I am finally thankful to have these jobs. (Even if it means driving to them in the snow! Rain! Or any other time!) They will stretch me. A lot.

And probably drive me to drink more coffee. Which, in the end, is a good thing, right?

P.S. Also, if this post is worded strangely (or rather, stranger than the usual oddness), I blame it on Rachel. She made me read this book called "Withering Tights" by Louise Rennison. It is hilarious and makes me talk like a 15 year old.

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Diane said...

wow.....can't believe I read you were drinking tea instead of coffee.....what's up with that?? You can usually tell when I am sick cause I don't drink diet pepsi...must say I have never craved hot tea.....maybe ice tea!! Gotta have my coffee....

So happy you have a job.....can't wait to see / hear all that God is doing in / through you at work. Praying He showers you with many blessings !!!!!

Love you Laura