Friday, March 25, 2011

Finally Friday!

Well, it is Friday. Finally. I successfully made it through this week. I can hardly believe it.
As I was walking home Wednesday, I had a "thankful Thursday" post idea...but promptly forgot about it. Until today.
I am thankful for this lady...
She is pretty. Amazing. Pretty amazing.
Why did I notice that this week? Well, I was walking to the post office, in the rain, and passed by this old silk mill that had been turned into apartments. It was one of the places I scouted out before settling on the apartment I'm now in. I think it's a great use of the space and, in retrospect, the size is much more suitable to my needs. However. Due to the way the building was constructed, there are no windows to the outside world, unless you have an apartment along the outside of the building. The only one that was available when I was looking was, you guessed it, and "inside" apartment. No window. No outside. No way of knowing if it was rain boot or flip flop weather. Any my wonderful mother said to me, "You won't like this one because there is no window. You need sunlight and you won't get it with this apartment." And on that rainy dreary grey day this week, I knew she was so right.
The reason I went with the apartment I did?

Two great bay windows.

I guess moms really do know everything!

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