Monday, September 29, 2008

the Kiwi, the class, and the bad shopper

Today was my very first class at LMU! It went well and to top it off, the seminar instructor is from New Zealand! My life is so complete! (And Meagan, I called it before she told me! Score for me!) I was worried about buying books for this class but it looks like I'll only really need two. I will price them and figure out if its worth it to buy them or just use the ones in the library. I found my classroom with the assistance of my beautiful and fellow-minded literary friend, Rachel and I hope I can do as well without her tomorrow!
But to rewind a bit, I had a great weekend. Sunday was beautiful and still warm by all standards. The walk to St. Giles Mission in my boots went well also. St. Giles is a little church of about 30 people that is only about 30 minutes walk from my dorm. Everyone was very nice and introduced themselves to me. An older woman named Frances let me sit with her and her old biddies. They made me laugh! Worship was similar to what I'm used to at home and they only sang one or two songs that I wasn't familiar with. After the service, they have cell groups (to assure attendance, I was told) and coffee and tea. The minister and his wife is on holiday right now, so the son-in-law (an American), who works with Youth With A Mission spoke. He was also very kind and gave me a ride to the Boots and M&S on Holloway Road for blister band aids!
I'm discovering that I can't shop properly. I've been the the Tesco here in King's Cross four times since I arrived last week! Inevitably, I forget something every time I go, making a return trip necessary. Of course with every return trip, I gain a whole basket full of stuff NOT on the list. My fridge is now packed but I daren't eat anything, just in case I run out of something and need to run out again! The never ending circle of buying and consuming is alive and well!
As I was walking down the 60 odd steps to the tube platform at the Holloway Road station after class tonight, I was truly glad to not have to drive home. I'm still getting the hang of the whole tube thing, but I think it is definitely worth it, even if a monthly pass is 60 some pounds. I need to talk to the transport system in PA. Maybe we can get a tube too?


Sharon said...

you're not a bad shopper - just not used to planning meals. maybe make a menu, using what's in the frig, for the next few days. for better insight into this method contact our friend Christine - the expert planner. love ya - mom

Kris, Sarah, Evan, Isaiah, Elena, and Anna said...

So what's a Tesco? Is it Texaco? Are you shopping at Texaco?? Of COURSE you're making all those return trips - they only have chips and motor oil there!! Aren't they teaching you anything out there? Did your parents keep the receipt to your tuition? Or maybe it was a Taco Bell and not Texaco? :)

Seriously, glad to read you're doing well! Keep up the blog - Evan was also enjoying reading it over my shoulder today while I was feeding Anna hot wings... I mean, green beans and carrots.


DebRiss said...

So glad to hear you had a good first class. And YAY on the band aids. They are a life saver, keep them in stock! The weather sounds beautiful, enjoy while you can. Hopefully your books wont be too much. I know how crazy that can get. And shopping is a skill dear, learned through trial and error. You are doing just fine. :o)

mrsforeman said...

You're funny. Glad to hear the church search was successful. What a blessing! Your shopping needs will diminish once you are there a while. The first week is the worst.I suggest making a list and don't try to rush through the store.

Diane said...

hmmmmmmmm I'm not much on shopping, Kent does most of the grocery shopping - one time when we were out of bread I went to the store and ended up calling him asking where the bread isle was - lol. I now know where the bread isle is but, without my list I also forget things. I like to call them senior moments. Maybe Christine can post a suggestion for both of us - yea Christine.

So, how many boxes of mac and cheese did you buy?

Glad you were able to find a church close to your dorm.

Keep updating the blog, enjoying it.


meagan said...

i love it!!! hehe and i love you!
it's great to read about your days! i'm jealous but i'm glad you're having such a good experience. sounds like so much more fun than Indiana!
Yay for NZ!! Miss talking to you love! HAVE FUN!
p.s. you're a freaking awesome writer!