Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a day in the city

Today you get pictures! That's right--tell yourself how lucky you are!

Today, aside from being picture-for-the-reader day, was also orientation at LMU (London Metropolitan University) and then a meeting with Michael. The LMU meeting basically told us have fun, but remember that you have school too. It was about 50/50 on the fun/school part. Interesting. I have my student ID card as well as my class schedule. I have classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but my Tuesday class is an art class for study abroad students. Hopefully that won't be terribly academically challenging! In the meeting with Michael, we talked about things we were going to be doing in the future, like our weekend trips, and stuff like that. In between those meetings, a bunch of us walked down Holloway Road to find something to eat. I ended up getting something to eat here, Marks & Spencer.

It looks like a regular clothing store, but in the back there is a little grocery where you can buy food. So we bought lunch there and ate outside on a bench. Here is the site from right out side of M&S.

This pub was also just across the way from M&S)
(Daddy, I don't know why exactly, but this reminded me of you!)
After the meetings, I got to looking at a map. The tube right to the University didn't take very long at all, so my mind figured that Holloway Road couldn't be too far from Pentonville Road where I'm staying. So I got out my little London A-to-Z book and did some research. It looked do-able, and after going down only one wrong street, we found our way back to Nido! In addition to the 45 minute walk back to the dorm, we found a few gems: a bookstore not two blocks from the University (my favorite!), a type of dollar store (except it was a 1 pound store), and a Tesco (a shopping center, probably somewhere between an Aldi's and a Giant, but much smaller than either of those). Also on our way home, we crossed Regent's Canal. So pretty!

Did I mention I did all of that in heels??? I should get a prize! I wasn't planning on doing a ton of walking today, so the boots I wore made sense. Somewhere half-way down Caledonian Road, my feet started to burn. Of course I had promised my roommate that I could in fact walk in them, so I kept quiet until the distance between us grew very noticeable. So much for the walking in the boots theory I brought with me! Maybe, by the end of this week, my feet will be so numb, that I won't notice the pain! There's a thought!
Tomorrow is more orientation at the University. I think I'd like to try to hit Regent's Park or maybe the British Museum after. I'll keep you posted!
Well, I guess I'll get ready for bed. My roomie goes to bed a bit earlier than I do...it's only 8:15 pm here. Hmm... I don't know what I'm going to do about that. Perhaps pack up and head to a study area's on the second floor of the dorm building. But before I sign off, what is a blog from London without a sign for the Underground?


mrsforeman said...

I am so proud of you! Study abroad is not easy. Thankfully they speak the same language that you do. (Even though it is difficult to understand at times.) Girlfriend, ditch the heels. Save them for the states. I suggest a pair of Crocs. Let me know if you want me to send you a pair. Not sure if they sell them there. But then again you might reveal your American-ness (Hee hee). Have you had a Scotch egg yet?

Sharon said...

my suggestion to the heels situation:
buy a pair of sensible walking shoes.
(and I won't say I told you so) I am so happy for you and jealous...in a good way. Enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!

sharon n said...

You are quite the traveler - awesome! Glad you are having so much fun. Are you cold yet? Wish I was there with you. Without comfortable shoes people probably couldn't tell you are American.
Don't forget to "Look right."

Rhonda said...

Hey girl! YEY GOD, you made it safely and without a hitch to LONDON. Thanks for the pics and I would love to have your cell number. I am with the girls on this, although I know you looked "smashing baby" sensibility will take you much farther:) We will continue to pray the LORD make your way straight, that classes go smoothly and that relationships are made that build you up. Blessings my friend. Please let us know of any specific prayer requests you may have, we are standing with you! Hugs. Love ya, The Hadfield Family

DebRiss said...

WOW! You are off to an adventure of a lifetime. I am so happy for you. You are jumping right in and getting yourself situated. That is great! I am so proud of you! Yes, I want the cell number. When do classes officially start? I cant wait to hear all about them. And thanks for blogging and taking us on this adventure with you!

fif4evr said...

your last picture reminded me of the bar beneath my boarding house 2 summers ago...


keep the heels hahaa :-D

The Dickinsons said...

Alright, let me weigh in since you're getting so much flack for the heels -- you go, girl!!!!! You may have been slow, but you looked DARN good :o)

Have a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear more!!!

meagan said...

awesome girl! all those years of walking in heels like a crazy person has definitely paid off!!!
love you soooo much!

Diane said...

WOW - walking in heels, reading a map all in the same day - you go girl. My suggestion is put on the sneakers, remember it's not about fashion. Great pictures, keep them coming. Have a wonderful time, I am so happy for you. What an opportunity, cherish every minute of it. What this 50/50 thing? Thought you were over there to study?? Like I tell Matthew and Anthony, study first then fun - lol! Keep blogging, really enjoying this - it's like I on this amazing adventure with you. Love you, Diane