Thursday, September 25, 2008

camden town adventures

Another day of meetings for LMU. Another day of getting lost in the maze that is LMU! Seriously, that place is a maze! I thought Francis Hall was confusing (at least a little bit) with different levels and odd numbering. This takes the cake! Basically, I think they took a couple buildings on Holloway Road and built bridges that connect them. But I have no idea who came up with where the rooms are and how they are numbered! I'm taking my class schedule along so I can attempt to find at least my first class.
So here are a few pictures to show you my day. This first one is where I get off every time I take the tube to the University. I get on a few blocks from my dorm at King's Cross (no, HP fans, the tube, NOT the train stop. Don't worry--that picture IS coming!) tube stop. I take the "peacock blue" Piccadilly line to Holloway Road. After I get off, it's a few blocks to the University on the road opposite side of the tube exit.

We only had one meeting about general Q&A's and tech support. After that, my roommate, and two other girls from my dorm went exploring. After buying a weekly tube pass (24 something pounds...that's right--over $40!), we got on the Northern Line to Camden Town.
This is the tube exit for Camden Town. A lot of my pictures might have buildings under construction. This is a city wide effort to clean up the local area. For a while, the area around King's Cross (Camden Town is only 20 minutes from there) wasn't the best place to hang out. Don't worry though, Mom! The whole city is cleaning up and lots of new buildings are going up. So that's just to explain construction.

This pub was right down from the exit to Camden Town and I thought it looked neat. A lot of the pubs, not all of course, have a lot of charm. I might put up more pictures of them but with the disclaimer for Sonya that I wasn't in them!
Today brings the sun and one more meeting at LMU. The schedule says it's about making the most out of our stay here in London. After the meeting, we are taking a bus and boat tour of London. I do hope blogger will let me put up more pictures than it did today. If not, I'll be posting a few times a day! Off to finish the coffee and get ready for the day!


Anonymous said...

WOW, I am soooo excited that you are sharing pictures of your trip. As far as blogger and the pictures, you may find it easier to post more pictures if you create a slide show. I have seen many others do that and it seems to work well.

Love and miss you much!
Mrs. Burkert

Anonymous said...

When you ride the tube, do you consider it a YouTube? -PT ;-)

Library said...

Maybe would be a better site to post your pictures, I am in awe, love this blog, sounds like you are doing and seeing a lot. Hope classes go well ! =}Su

mrsforeman said...

I do hope you are "minding the gap!" I just thought that was hilarious when I was there. Like the sign over the door that says "mind your head". That one is even better. I know... Location Appreciation...Coffee sounds good right now. Have fun!

DebRiss said...

LOVE the pictures! Anxiously waiting for Kings Cross... I hope you found yourself a sensible pair of shoes. Were you successful in finding your first class?