Saturday, September 20, 2008

the adventure begins

Tomorrow, I change the way I usually do things. Tomorrow, I will try something new. Tomorrow, I will grab my belongings and run. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Now this might sound like an adventurer's New Year's resolutions, but it isn't. This is my life. Tomorrow, I AM changing the way I do things and I WILL try something new. I WILL grab my belongings and run across the airport, if I need to, to catch my flight to Heathrow Airport in England! Starting on 29 September, I will be starting classes at London Metropolitan University in London. Just about every weekend, the study abroad program I am going with has planned an excursion to some popular places throughout Great Britain.
Stay tuned to this site for pictures of the trip and my ramblings :)

ps. 1 Corinthians 13:12 says that we see things imperfectly right now, like we are looking through a glass (or mirror) that is cloudy and dark. but someday, we will be able to see God and there won't be anything separating us. He will let us see Him face to face and things won't be distorted any more.

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Right Ideas Corporate Slices of Life said...


It is great to see that you are becoming familiar with London. We are praying for your success in your academic endeavors this year! (Please pray for mine as well--PhD 3rd year) Keep blogging. The pix and narrative are interesting to read.

Jerry Thacker