Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First week in User Services/ Reference & FYE

This week, though only Tuesday, has been full of craziness! So much so that I probably won't get a decent blog post in. I promise I meant to do a full on Monday night (my first day in new departments AND a day that I stayed an extra hour helping students do research because they came to the desk close to the end of my shift...) but by the time I got home, I was so tired I crashed! Today/ tonight we had a session for first years to help familiarize them with the library and how things work. I left the library around 8.30p. So yeah, it's been busy.
I'm not sure when I can even promise a proper update! I have FYE Wednesday and Thursday night of this week, then going home for the weekend to help big sister move. Crazy week followed by crazy weekend! Hopefully by Sunday I can get some rest and do a full update for you.
I will say this: I'm really excited to be in Gettysburg, to be at Musselman Library and to be learning under such a great group of librarians. Far and above anything I ever imagined. Some of it is out of my comfort zone, yes. I would normally protest that. Like talking to a bunch of students. Ew. (Haha. Not really "Ew." just too many undergrad presentation flashbacks!) But why not? Why not try something new? I think it will turn out that I'm not too terrible at presentations/ group talks and that I just nee more practice.
You learn something new about yourself every single day.

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