Monday, September 6, 2010

Weekend news and Zumba

Another delightful weekend home. I was seriously busy all weekend...and that is the reason there was no update. I helped my big sister move into her new, big girl, soon-to-be-married apartment on Saturday. Things went well, at least, I thought things went well. Everyone is still alive, no feelings were hurt and the wedding is still on.
Sunday was church with my beloved FBC. A very timely sermon reminded me that this earth is not the end. The people I've lost over the past few months aren't lost forever. I get to see them again. I forget that. I forget that the joy of reunion will far out weigh the loss of death. I forget that...I find I forget a lot of things. Things I should remember. Things that should be second nature to me, like breathing. Maybe it's not that I forget, because that isn't always the case. I remember that Christ is over all. I remember that the hurt from this world doesn't last. But in the heat of it, my pain is so excruciating. Was there ever a time when I wasn't hurting? I can't remember one. A friend told me (more like reminded me) that grieving is a process. Even though I feel like I'm on my way out of it "you may still have some rough days; that's how grief is. And that's okay," my friend told me. I'm so glad it's okay to NOT be okay all the time.
Today over lunch, I went to a Zumba class. For those not in the know, not to worry. It's just an exercise class. (You may laugh for 2 more seconds, then snap out of it!) It's a Latin dance-inspired work out that is SUPPOSED to be fun. It is also challenging and sweaty. BUT. It really is fun. I won't admit it to my mom (Hello, mother!), but I think it really helped me with my day. I didn't have the traditional 2 o'clock nap time yawns at my desk today. I feel awake and actually ready to grocery shop after work tonight. I will also not admit to my mom that I had fun and that I'll probably go again. But maybe there is an extra beginner class I can attend...? That would be great.
Well, my reference desk shift is almost over. It just so happens, that my day is almost over too. What fun!
(PS: Anybody out there try a Zumba class? Do you like it? What else do you try to stay fit?)


sharon said...

Hello Laura- I read your blog :-)
Yay for exercise and no 2pm naps.

through a glass darkly said...

Yes, mother. I know you do!
And I think you have that backwards...yay for naps... And no exercise!