Saturday, August 28, 2010

c is for cleaning all saturday long...

Classes at Gettysburg start this coming Monday and part of me is glad I don't have to go! (To class that is. I still have to go to work...) Yes, some of me misses class & learning things, but the other part of me is glad to have my after-work times an evenings free to do whatever I want. For the last few weeks, "whatever I want" was watching Seasons 1-3 of Gilmore Girls. I know, big plans. Last week while indulging in one of these nights (Season 3, the one with the Dean&Jess fight over Rory), the guys below me decided to have a pretty loud band practice. Well, not just that night. It's been happening a few times a week ever since I moved in. I usually don't mind too much, but sometimes they really are quite a bother. I mean drums, electric guitar, bass, amps and mics--it gets really REALLY loud. Like so loud it vibrates the floor. Concert loud. Well anyway, last week while watch GG and listening to band practice, I thought I heard a knock. Of course, it's so loud, what with my show on and band practice, I dismissed it. However, the knocker was persistent and tried again. I wasn't expecting anyone nor could I imagine who it could be. I looked out the window as a cop walked out of the foyer to my building! Oops! I guess I should have actually gone to see who it was! Anyway, they went around the corner to the guys apartment and knocked on their door until they answered. All I can say is, after that, it was a quite night in Gettysburg! They've kept it down mostly since then. Though when I started this post, I was being serenaded, rather loudly, by band practice. Though now it is quiet. Maybe they only needed to practice one song? Here's to hoping!
On the weekends I get to travel home, all of my cleaning gets postponed. Pushed back. Ok, pretty much ignored. So today was super cleaning day. I think I finally got caught up. I hope. I will now live in one room for the rest of the week so as not to dirty the cleanness! (No, Mom. I'm just kidding. That would be plain silly...)
When I'm not watching movies or cleaning (ha!), I'm reading. A lot. This past week I think I read 4 books start to finish, and I just finished a book I started a few weeks ago. It's really nice to be able to read whatever I want, whenever I want with no deadline or class pressure. Having the staff privilege of getting books check out for a semester at a time (the books I got today? Not due until February 24, 2011. 2011! Oh yeah!) is quite nice too.
Tomorrow I'll head to Hanover Valley for church. Not quite the same as my beloved FBC, but a nice community just the same.
Hmm, band practice is still going on, 20 minutes later. I really hope someone calls the cops on them again. Maybe I will this time...
...don't worry. Just kidding.

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