Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New things

Remember all that time I said I had because of not having a lot of shifts at Old Navy? And all that extra time because I don't have a full time job? 

Welp. Only one of those reasons is true any more. (When I started my last post, they were both true--I promise!)

I spent a bunch of time researching job openings that my mom threw my way, that I located myself and that my friends told me about. I promise. I did. I might not have applied for a lot of them, but I did the research! I put time into it. And then, I got tired of looking. I got tired of looking at jobs that not only was I not qualified for, but that also would require years of school and experience before I could even think about applying. I was getting depressed and super exhausted of looking. I was really, really fed up with life. (Hey man, you know my life is not always pretty! Don't look so scandalized!) 

My friend knew I was looking, (because really, did I ever stop looking?) and sent me an email about a position that opened up where she worked. I told her I would look into it. A few days later I actually did. About a week later, I still hadn't applied. It looked like a good job, I was just putting off the inevitable, "Thanks, but no thanks" message I was sure to get. I was getting ready to out with some friends and she texted me to see if I had applied. I can't lie to I put the getting ready on hold and got my resume, references and cover letter ready to go. I texted her back right as I left the house, not caring about the outcome of the application, my mind focused on having fun with my friends. 
That was a Friday. The following Tuesday, I was called to fill out an application on location. The same week I had an interview scheduled for Thursday. For a week, I waited, almost forgetting about the application, sure that I wouldn't hear back from them for a few more weeks. How wrong was I? 

A week to the day after my interview, almost to the hour, I received a phone call. "We would like to offer you the job. Are you still interested?" 

Is that a trick question?? Most people took longer than a week to tell me "no" about an application. A week after my interview I had a job; three days later, I started my first day! 

My first week was a blur. I mean, an utter and complete blur. New faces, new paper work. New phones, new systems. This Monday, I started my second week and I must say, things are less stressful than they were last week. It is still an alarming amount of new information and processes, but I think I am starting to get the hang of it. 

Do I miss sleeping in late?


Do I love having something to do with my day? 

You bet I do!

It almost makes the not being able to sleep in worth it :) 

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Sarah said...

So, are you going to share details about the new job?!
I'm a curious woman:-).