Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend catch-up & Sunday joy

I meant to blog last Thursday. Honest I did. There hasn't been too much happening during the week. I'm at the library all day, but since we have mold in the Special Collections I am just hanging out on the second floor. I mean, I'm doing work. Of course I'm doing work! I'm finishing up an online workshop on archiving and then I'm reading a book called "Keeping Archives," which is about keeping archives. (Sorry...had to. Oh and it is also and Australian book, so I get to see lots of "organised" and "analysing" which makes me smile on the inside.)
Book cart drill team practice again today. Everything is coming together nicely. I promise as soon as convention is over, I will post the youtube video of our routine here.
Since it was Sonya's birthday this weekend, I made the drive home Friday night to spend the weekend with my family. It was a totally hectic weekend! But hectic in a good way. I got to spend time with my family, watch movies with my sisters, hang out with my friend (who packed me the BEST care package ever! Mini-oreos and extra cheddar goldfish!), shop with my mom (on a Sunday!) and hang out with my dad. Perhaps best of all, I got to see my church family (both related and non-related family). I know I've only been "gone" for a week, but I missed them. I miss Christian fellowship. I didn't realise how much until Sunday morning came. (And can I just say to those people who say "Oh, I don't need to go to church. I'll just read my bible, pray and worship by myself. Jesus can teach me that way.": HOGWASH! There is scripture to back me up, but I won't put it here. There is nothing like spending time with God's people. Watching people who have had a rough few days (or weeks or months) worshiping beside you, worshiping with all their might because they need to hear from God makes me so thankful I found a church like FBC. [ok. rant is over now...]). I got to spend time with some of the graduating high school seniors last night. What touched me most about this bunch of students was their burning desire for a continued closeness with God. I'm sure somewhere in their heads, they want to do well academically, make friends and achieve great things at their school. But more than that, the thing they verbalized, was their desire to find groups on campus, friends or clubs, that would help them stay focused on God and on His plan for their lives. I'm not ashamed--I cried when I heard it all. Many youth group kids come to me like I am the keeper of knowledge. Now, I want to point them to the graduating seniors. "Do you hear what they are asking for? To be always close and closer to God as they grow up," I will ask them. "Do what they do. Put that desire first. Everything else will fall into place if loving, honoring, and following God is the first desire of your heart."
It was so hard to me to leave after the little ceremony we had for the seniors last night. I suppose it's what comes from living at home during school. I see so many people I want to talk with, catch up with, laugh with--just be with. But I can't because I have to drive 2 hours back to Gettysburg. Maybe I'm whining just a little bit. Someone reminded me of this last night: You are where God wants you to be. I can't believe I had forgotten that. Heck, I WANTED this position! I prayed for it. I should be glad to be here. I AM where God wants me to be right now. I need to stop thinking, "boy things were so great back in Egypt..." I can *almost* understand those Israelites thoughts. Need to keep myself out of the wilderness!
In other (happier) news, I brought another box of books home this weekend. AND I got Vol. 3 of the Letters of C.S. Lewis. It is so super cool. I can't wait to start them! That box, however, is still in my car. That will be the first thing I do when I'm done with work today. And then I'll organize my bookshelf all over again... :)

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