Saturday, March 13, 2010

satan's favourite lie

It's one thing to learn something new from a sermon. For example, did you know that even the Christian's who bear fruit still get "pruned"? Yeah, I didn't know that and yes, it's in the Bible(John 15:2). But it's another ball of wax when your sin is called out by name.
"You say you are busy...but you really aren't as busy as you say/think you are."


I've been wrestling with this for a while now and I've been meaning to post on this. But satan keeps telling me how busy I am and how much time I don't have. And you know what? It works. He keeps using it because it works. I call it his favourite lie to me. He knows it will get me and cripple me into in-action. And that started to bother me. Satan knows me well enough to have a 'favourite' lie for me? He knows me well enough that he knows which buttons to push, which ones work best/better than others? Freaky thought. More freaky is the fact that he keeps using it over and over again. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result; satan is not insane. He knows what works...but he won't get away with it for much longer.
Hearing it, out loud, from the pulpit was a huge deal for me. It's one thing to realize it in the car driving along, but something else entirely to hear it from someone else.

It's raining today and I have loads to do: laundry, paper stuff, homework stuff, cleaning stuff plus a car-ride to pick up lil sis (!!). I don't mind the rain though. It feels right. It rained in the beginning of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and look what fantastic adventures happened! I'm going to go make tea and be about my business. Lucy found the wardrobe easily enough, but was caught off guard by finding another world. I hope to be prepared, should this happen to me today.
Enjoy today...even & especially if it is raining where you are!

(ps. I sometimes read "Stuff Christians Like" blog. This caught my eye as the grammar freak that I am. " a lowercase s on the word satan is commonly known as “the middle finger of grammar.” I feel like we should make t-shirts or something...or something super hardcore, like start a grammarian biker gang. Well, maybe not so much on the last idea...)

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