Monday, December 19, 2011

Hello, Monday

hello car finally getting fixed for FREE (hopefully, for good)

hello coffee mid-afternoon with my little sister (have i mentioned how glad i am that she is home???)

hello to finishing up my Christmas shopping & lots o' sales

hello busy Christmas Eve (work & 3 services)

hello to a long over-due hair cut (last one was LAST CHRISTMAS. I am bad at this...)

hello to the end of super crazy shopping days...

hello to Christmas in 6 days!!

hello to 50 hr work week...(grumble grumble...) and a thankful heart for the work

hello to family being (almost) all together for our last Christmas before my little sis gets married

hello to my darling katie coming home from college

hello to seeing friends & family

hello to taking the time to remember that our Wonderful Counselor, our Mighty God, our Everlasting Father & our Prince of Peace has come to save us

{i am really loving the 'hello, monday' link up! it makes me stop & take time to think about what i want to do and what i'm looking forward to doing throughout the week. it's a good way to ease me into making lists, without getting overwhelmed. [unlike my sister who LOVES lists...] i may not be thrilled about everything on this list [is anyone every thrilled about 14hr work days??] but it all reminds me to be thankful for what i have. and that is always a good thing}

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Sonya said...

i like the hello monday posts, too :) maybe i should do one....