Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When love slams into the soul...

I've been thinking a lot about that whole "love creates discipline" thing these past few days. Trying to figure out just what it means, what it looks like in action and what my response is to it all.
I ended up looking for that Matt Chandler sermon where he talks about love creating discipline. Guess what? He says it in more than one sermon and at one point, he did this whole "love creates..." sermon, where he looks at all the things that are meant to happen when "love slams into our soul."

So I sat down with a pen and paper and wrote out "love creates discipline" at the top. Underneath that, I started to break down these three words.
  • love of what creates discipline?
  • love for what creates discipline?
  • what kind of love is needed?
  • creates discipline to do what?
I thought that there must be a "key" to this phrase. Not a magic word to make it work, or anything, but the proper way to understand this phrase. What is most important? Is it the way I view and/or understand love and discipline?

I pulled out my copy of "The Four Loves" by C. S. Lewis. If you haven't read it, I really recommend it. I think I first read it somewhere around 7th grade. I forget, but I've read it many times since. Just in case this is a case of truly understanding love, I thought I would do some research.

If you are wondering, I'm not really sure what I'm doing. I haven't purposed this blog to be a Bible study, or even necessarily to be a journey through my Christian life. This was originally meant to be my travel blog. And, indeed, it was. But like I've said before, I write from where I am in life, and right now, this is where I am.

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