Tuesday, July 19, 2011

VBS: Carryin' the Banner

I was somewhere around 10th grade maybe when I first fell in love with Newsies. It's a story about orphans and run-aways who would sell newspapers on the streets of New York in 1899. It's got music, it's got dancing, it's got Christian Bale -- what more could you ask for? I've seen so many movies that take place in New York, but when I think "New York," I always think, "Newsies!"
I was listening to the soundtrack yesterday and thought, "I wonder if I could change any of the lame-o VBS songs into super cool Newsies songs? Now that would be a VBS I would gladly attend!" We would sing songs like "Carryin' the Banner...of God's love" or "The World Will Know...that Jesus loves them."
The obvious "salvation song" (the one that always has the ABC's of salvation in it. And while I'm thinking about it, I really want to know if it takes more time to come up with a song for the ABC's and what they stand for than any other song. If you know, don't keep it to yourself!) would be "Seize the Day." "King of New York" would end up become something like "Tip your hat, He's the King of the Kingdom."

Of course, getting rid of the the smoking references, betting on race-horses, and the "lovey-dovey baby song" will prove to be most difficult...

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