Friday, May 27, 2011

Welcome to the Bat Cave

Today is my second to last day of work.
I was excited to get to work today. I have things I want to finish, people I want to see. Basically, I have a life.
But seeing as how this is me, things did not go according to plan.
It starts with last night - a babysitting gig. All in all, a most delightful way to spend my evening. We read books, played Go-Fish, snuggled and laughed a lot. (This 5 year old understands sarcasm more than most adults. When asked how school was, he didn't respond. I said, "Did you even go today??" His response? "No, I was sick. Cough Cough." I mean really? How many 5 year old's do YOU know that can think that quickly on their feet and then laugh because he knows he was joking??? Priceless!)
I didn't get home so late, but it had been a long day with some tearful goodbye's. We had a retirement party and I was on the set up/tear down committee and, well, it was just a long day. I fell asleep drinking tea last night. That's how tired I was.
So I wake up, early, before my alarm (not to mention the 2 AM wake-up from the storm last night), get a shower and start my day. In between the getting out of the shower in a towel, putting a robe on and getting ready, I noticed a scratchy something on my back. Going through the list of things it might be in my head (as I knew there were no tags on my towel or even in my robe) I settled on the disgusting idea that it might be a stink bug. Ew. I loose the robe and grab a mirror to check my back. No stink bug. I pick up my robe to shake it out so I can flush it. No stink bug. What in the world--
Yes, ladies and gents, there was a bat in my robe. AGAINST MY SKIN!
I screamed like a little girl, but only for a little. I was so tired, emotionally & physically, that I just didn't have it in me. After many phone calls, thankful prayers that ALL of my clothes weren't in the bathroom and a quick covert op into the bathroom to retrieve my contacts so I could see, I went to the hospital to make sure there wasn't a puncture or scratch on my back.
Thankfully the doc said it looked good and that I would be fine. (The alternative was no less than 6 shots TODAY with many follow up shots in the next 2-14 days. Double Ew.)
Currently, I'm in my kitchen gathering up the courage to go back in my bathroom to finish getting ready. To everyone who saw me this morning without make up, hair done or (sorry!) teeth brushed, I am sorry.
Happy second to last day of work to me...

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